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Drumming with Children in Nicaragua

Last week a group of nine Greenbrier girls, two therapists and one teacher headed off on a week-long trip to Nicaragua, where they have been performing community service, including painting a local church, and enjoying their free time with Nicaraguan children who are out of school for the summer. During their trip, the girls have… Read more »

The Importance of Self-Compassion

We are all taught from a young age of how important it is to show each other compassion, but self-compassion is not always explained. Regardless of who you are or how old you are, allowing yourself to feel self-compassion can help you to get through your daily struggles –big and small –with an open mind… Read more »

Serving Others Can Help Us to Heal

Here at Greenbrier Academy we firmly believe that volunteering and serving others is a positive experience that can help us to heal and become happier, more fulfilled individuals. Throughout the holiday season our girls tried their hand at volunteer work, purchasing and bagging food for local families in need. With the help of staff members… Read more »

The Negative Effects of Shaming

According to Merriam-Webster, shame is “a painful emotion caused by the consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety.” And to children and teens who are consistently shamed, the consequences can be especially damaging. A disciplinary technique often used by parents, shaming can greatly harm a child’s self-concept, making them feel that they are “bad” instead of… Read more »

What Is Mental Illness Awareness Week?

In this blog, especially of late, we have talked about depression and the other mental illness struggles that many young women have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s important for us to get inside the heads of the teenagers in our lives (and really, mental illness isn’t simply relegated to just teenagers; they… Read more »

The Importance of Physical Fitness as a Teenager

In our last post, we discussed the problem of depression in teenagers, especially teenage girls. This is an epidemic that might be getting out of control, but efforts are being done to curtail the rise in cases. While that is certainly hopeful and a step in the right direction, we can’t ignore the statistics: “In… Read more »

Depression in Teens

We can go back and forth about the things that are wrong with America. There might not be enough time in the day to get through our list of grievances; there would be too many agreements and disagreements. However, we are confident that there is one thing wrong with America that we can all agree… Read more »

The Therapeutic Power of Music

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the power that music has on the wellbeing of teenage girls. There’s just something about music that stirs the soul and helps to repair any wounds that might be percolating in the mind. Our music program is one of the best in the nation and we use it… Read more »

Teens, Social Media, and Anxiety

These days, it’s tough being a young person. There is so much pressure coming from all different angles, outlying influences that are determined to shape personalities and distort feelings. The almost Orwellian power of Facebook and other forms of social media is everywhere and young people are hardly ever out of its roving eye. Because… Read more »