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Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ and How It Reflects the Work Being Done at Greenbrier Academy

In our last blog post, we discussed the efforts of NPR and Girl UP in trying to locate the beating heart of the contemporary teenage girl – in other words, what makes them tick. This of course is no easy task, as there are many emotions floating around in the brain and it takes some… Read more »

Locating the Heart of the Contemporary Teenage Girl

To really understand teenage girls, you have to talk with them, crack open their brains a little bit and see what makes them tick, what their dreams are, what their hopes for the future are. That is an important part in rehabilitating anyone; in other words, it’s crucial to see the world through THEIR eyes…. Read more »

More Benefits of Equine Therapy and the Importance of Setting Goals

In our last post, we discussed the benefits of equine therapy, that we offer a number of services and extracurricular activities, including horseback riding. If you aren’t familiar with equine therapy, we’re here to tell you about some of the benefits. For centuries people have been relying on animals for a wide range of reasons,… Read more »

The Therapeutic Relationship between Horses and Teenagers

Therapy can come in many forms. One on one discussion, group therapy, artistic expression, and self-reflection are just a few of the ways that young women can cope psychological and emotional barriers and trauma. With the help from a skilled instructor, horses can also be the catalyst that softens hearts. We at Greenbrier Academy for… Read more »

Memorial Day Drumming and the Importance of Clubs

When thinking of Memorial Day, what typically comes to mind is backyard barbeques and fireworks celebrations. The arts are not usually associated with the festive weekend. However, for Princeton, West Virginia, this is not the case. A weeklong celebration of visual arts, pottery, poetry, music, community circles, dance and more has swept the town and… Read more »

Biggest Challenges for Young Girls

Navigating the modern world can be difficult for anyone, but being a young girl in 2015 can be particularly stressful. Advertisements are everywhere with the goal of selling personalities to girls through the clothes they should wear, the material possessions they should own, and the physical image they should emanate. In an age where technology… Read more »

Understanding Addictions

Understanding how addictions work and how they start is very important in order to put them to an end. There are many different types of addictions, and they can range from involving drugs, shopping, sex, and just about anything else. Even something that is typically harmless and even essential for most people, like eating food,… Read more »

Growing as an Individual and Asset to the Community as a Whole

At Greenbrier Academy for Girls, we hold a number of different values and ideals that we strive to pass on to our students. Two of the most important things that we are concerned with is ensuring all of our students both grow as individuals and learn how to become a member of and contribute to… Read more »

The Extracurricular Activities Offered at Greenbrier

At Greenbrier Academy, we take pride in the amount and variety of extracurricular activities that we offer our students. In addition to the terrific education that they will receive here, students will have the opportunity to participate in everything from soccer to whitewater rafting. We’re here to go over a few of the activities and… Read more »